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Upgrading my site to wordpress

I'm in the process of upgrading to Wordpress. Stay tuned for the new look and blog platform. Doing my research at to find a good wordpress host and get everything setup correctly. This should allow me to do more post in the future.

Future Of Web Apps - London 08

A little at any time of the year are shelled conferences grandesimportance more or less, I have not yet included them in my circuit information so that I miss the boat systematically to buy a ticket at a reasonable price, I rage to know that people in the web industry were ultimately not very far from me and having missed connections. Fortunately, it is often possible to recover the interventions on the web after a few days - this is my consolation. Thus, from 8 to 10 October in London took place Future of Web Apps , the program among others: an interview with Mark Zuckerberg - a statement Kevin Rose, The Future of News and Chris Messina talks about OAuth More intervened but the last three have caught my attention. Chris Messina in immediately - Mark Zuckerberg and Kevin Rose true on.

* / Chris Messina's presentation is unfortunately no longer available, if I find, I repost here in the following videos are always available. / *

Joost returns from away

I think it's been almost 2 years since Joost exists. Known as the Venice Project in its infancy, Joost almost had it all. Founded by Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom, behind Skype and Kazaa, Joost was meant to be a IPTV platform . Even if the protocol chosen distribution (P2P) drew my attention to the fact that all content must be approved by Joost before being released and the systematic presence of DRM I had to take a lot away from the project. Add to that Joost operated as a standalone application and therefore required downloading and installing - There were many pitfalls that Joost will make a place on users' machines - all pitfalls installed by Joost unfortunately . Inherent in the technology, the fact that few users make use of software programs made most long to load. It was so far from the IPTV which everyone dreams - a web tv on demand .

reading ). Monetization requires a pub interstitial slips every two or three videos, one realizes but it does not shock the eyes, so it goes. Joost therefore changes - improved, yes, but not to become indispensable (as was my late Stage6 ).

Hulu , only accessible from the American territory (and its supposed to open next international) is for many. I will again watch Joost corner of the eye . I repost if the site becomes a revolution promised.

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I do not watch TV more ...

and I'm fine.

A few weeks ago, convinced an exhibitor Apple Expo, I acquired a EyeTV DTT Deluxe , small accessories to receive TV for Mac. The device is rather simple - to plug into a USB port - requires installation of a software owner (grrr!) to scan different frequencies surrounding to get your TV channels. The first test only retrieves Direct 8, NRJ 12 ... then I plug the larger antenna supplied with the product. I scan again: this second test detects W9, France 5, M6, Direct 8 and ... I start playing a channel, playback is choppy and pixelated display. I watch TV when the program of the evening: " anyway-is that there is something good that happens tonight? - No ". I unplug and stores all in one corner.

dead. by jon madison 

then I launch Firefox - looks at the latest Diggnation and I continue by Cranky Geeks . I program to download the latest episode of the GameSpot issue and the last Totally that I transfer to my iPhone. Read fluid, when I want, download fast . I had my dose of web-TV.

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